What does a Writer do? You may think of someone..


What does a Writer do?

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You may think of someone who writes novels when thinking of people who write for a profession. However, there are many ways to make a living being a writer. A writer may provide write for blogs, post articles online, or even write scripts for movies.

Writers must do extensive research so they can provide authentic detail in their writing. Writers can also work from pretty much anywhere and many work as freelance writers and are self-employed. Writers can even self-publish their own books and create their own blog.

How to Become a Writer

Writers typically have a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or journalism. If a writer is working for a company who publishes their writing online, they may also need experience adding content to a website. It may also be valuable for a writer to also have the ability to create a visual story so their content is visually appealing on all types of devices like computers and smart phones.

You can gain experience as a writer by working for a high school and college newspaper, television station, radio station, non-profit organization, or advertising and publishing company. Many newspaper or magazines offer internships for students. You may also gain experience writing for blogs as a guest author.

Job Description of a Writer and Author

A writer will typically begin by choosing a subject matter that is interesting to readers or a topic that is assigned by an employer or client. Next, a writer will need to start research on the topic in order to add value to readers and factual information. Once the content is written, they present drafts of their work to clients or editors for feedback and they may need to revise or rewrite sections of their work upon a client or employers review.

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