What does a Audiologist do?What does a Audiologist do?

What does an Audiologist do?

An audiologist is a health care professional who specializes in dealing with hearing problems and subsequent balancing problems in kids and adults. Audiology is a branch of science that deals with hearing and all related problems, conditions or disorders.

How to become an Audiologist

To become an audiologist, one has to attain a doctor in audiology degree. An aspirant should pass high school and take up science in college. A person can opt for a bachelor's degree in any specific domain of science and then proceed to obtain a master's degree before before starting a doctorate program in audiology.

There are specialized courses which focus on audiology without offering a doctorate. Such degrees are not always recognized for the license that an audiologist would eventually need to practice. PhD and similar higher level of education pertaining to audiology can enable one to become an audiologist.

Job Profile of a Audiologist

An audiologist diagnoses hearing problems in kids and adults, observes and makes note of any additional problems, and takes measures to treat the problem. An audiologist can treat patients with medical devices such as hearing aids, prescribe medications and therapy, recommend lifestyle changes, and suggest training programs to cure the hearing and balancing problems in kids and adults.

Typically, an audiologist would prescribe and also fit hearing aids, provide assistant in cochlear implant programs, be trained to carry out surgeries (though not every audiologist is experienced to conduct surgeries), design and also facilitate the implementation of hearing conservation programs, and offer rehabilitation to those who are in need of such an approach. An audiologist would also be experienced in offering auditory training, speech reading, and listening skills improvement.

An audiologist can have his or her own practice, work at a health care center, or at a hospital. There are private and public health care institutions where an audiologist can work. Running a private practice is very common among audiologists. An audiologist is particularly trained to manage kids because hearing problems are often first diagnosed during early.