What does an Artist do?What does an Artist do?

How to become a Craft or Fine Artist

Craft artists and fine artists create art for exhibition and sale by using different techniques and materials. A craft artist would create handmade pottery, textiles, glassware or other objects that are created for their functionality. A fine artist creates original art works for their aesthetic value, such as sculptors, painters, and illustrators.

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How to become an Artist

A formal education is not required for craft and fine arts, however, in order to gain adequate artistic skills some further their education by earning a bachelor's or master's degree in fine arts.

Programs include, art history and studio art, as well as, core subjects, like, social science, english and natural science. Independent schools of design and art offer postsecondary training that may earn one a certificate in an art-related specialty and even gain them an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree in fine arts.

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) in 2013 accredited about 330 postsecondary institutions with programs in design and art with most schools awarding a degree in art. One should also consider taking courses while in high school to prepare themselves for this career, such as, home economics, shop and art.

Job Description of an Artist

Craft and fine artists use different techniques, like, weaving, painting, glass blowing or sculpting to create their art and strive to develop new methods or ideas for making art. They need to use models, templates, or sketches to guide their work, as well as select appropriate materials to use.

Using visual elements, like space, color, composition, and perspective is needed to get the creative effect an artist wishes to project. He or she would need to develop and update their portfolios that prove their artistic ability, style and talent.

Artists display their creations at online marketplaces, auctions, and galleries. Some may display their art in private homes, nonprofit art galleries or corporate collections. Most work is sold by the artist, but some might be commissioned.

Much of an artists time is spent making a reputation for themselves and trying to promote their art. Only the most successful artist is able to support themselves on their art work. Most artist have other jobs.

An artist may find employment with museums or art galleries or some may teach art in schools or workshops. The Bureau of Labor Statistics project a 2 percent growth in 2014-2024 in this occupation which is slower than average.