What does a Secretary do?What does a Secretary do?

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Some employers may consider an applicant with a high school diploma that has basic computer and office skills. Community colleges and technical schools offer classes in basic office skills, computer skills and english grammar that would give one better opportunity to gain employment.

Most employees give on-the-job training lasting several weeks. However, other secretaries in more technical jobs, like, legal and medical, require several months of training and often attend community college or technical school to learn industry-specific terminology. An executive secretary usually needs a bachelor's degree or some college courses to be considered for employment.

Job Description of a Secretary

A secretary and administrative assistant's typical day would normally consist of answering phones and transferring calls or taking messages. They would maintain filing systems and databases, both electronically and on paper. They schedule appointments and draft routine memos.

Their day may include editing company correspondence and proof-reading documents for accuracy. He or she may do basic bookkeeping, handling mail and faxes or variety of other routine office duties. A secretary and administrative assistant uses computer software, fax machines and others may operate video conferencing.

The duties of a secretary and administrative assistant depend on the level of skill and place of employment, such as, legal secretary, executive or medical secretary or virtual secretary. They usually work full time with virtual secretaries having more flexible hours. They can be found working in health care and social assistance offices, educational services, professional, scientific and technical services and some in government agencies, among other places.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 3 percent growth in 2014-2024 in this career field and will vary by occupational speciality.