What does a Market Research Analyst do?What does a Market Research Analyst do?

Market Research Analyst

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A market research analyst is alert to the conditions in the business market and recognizes the potential sales of a product or a service by studying what the public want and helping companies decide what products to sell, whom to sell to and at what cost.

How to become a Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst should have a bachelor's degree (preferably a master's degree) as well with strong math and analytical skills. Many have degrees in marketing or business.

Job Description of a Market Research Analyst

An analyst must be aggressive following trade literature trends, advertising and satisfaction in the current market as well as forecasting these markets to provide the companies with proposals and information of the products, services, promotions and all relevant data to assist management in their marketing decisions.

Communication skills, computer skills, decision making and solving problems are some of the many abilities one should have to be the most effective market analyst.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment market should grow 19% from 2014-2024 driven by increased data and market research across all industries.