What does a Logistician do?What does a Logistician do?


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A logistician is important in managing the supply and demand for a company in respect to their consumers. The main focus is on the rotation of products depending on the distribution, delivery, and how the products are acquired. They analyze and coordinate an organization's supply chain putting in to motion the product from its supplier to the consumer.

How to become a Logistician

An associate's degree in process engineering, business, industrial engineering, or supply chain is needed, but most employers require a bachelor's degree. Companies also consider your work experience in relation to the product or goods used or in a similar field and industry certification.

Job Description of a Logistician

A logistician manages and directs the movement of products, supplies or even people from the ordinary consumer goods to personnel or military supplies. They oversee an organization's logistics that manage its transportation and inventory. Logisticians also manage or oversee the companies warehousing and purchasing. They form important business relationships with their customers, working to understand their needs and of the needs of the suppliers, thereby, giving the most successful strategies in cost and time in the acquisition, distribution, and delivery for the company and the client.

A logistician uses software systems that are sophisticated in planning and tracking movement and operate software programs designed to manage the inventory, procurement and various supply chain planning in logistical functions. They could manage and/or oversee the maintaining of and organizations' reports, training, metrics and analyze the financial impact of logistical changes in shipping modes or routing of goods.

Employment growth is driven by the role logistics have in the transportation of goods in a global economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 2 percent growth of employment of Logisticians from 2014-2024.