What does a Forensic Science Technician do?What does a Forensic Science Technician do?

Forensic Science Technician

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Forensic science technicians, analyze and collect physical evidence that are involved with crime investigations. A forensic science technician's career tests evidence from a crime scene using, physical, chemical and biological analysis.

How to become a Forensic Science Technician

A forensic science technician usually requires a bachelor's degree and major in forensic science which includes courses in math, chemistry and biology. Many people get an undergraduate degree in natural sciences and a master's degree in forensic science.

Job Description of a Forensic Science Technician

A forensic science technician determines how evidence should be collected from a crime scene and what to gather for testing, as, they have the job of looking at and analyzing physical evidence. This involves taking photographs and evidence from the crime scene and/or making sketches.

Collecting physical evidence would include many things, such as, bodily fluids, weapons and fingerprints. They take notice of the positioning of the evidence and location and record and catalog all information for further reference and submit it to the proper authorities, like, crime labs.

He or she would try to connect evidence between the suspects and the criminal activity by referring to their analysis. They may be required to reconstruct a crime scene in order to form a more accurate idea of how the crime was committed. The often have consultations with other professionals in a related field, like, odontology and toxicology, that may have useful information from their specialized analysis.

A forensic science technician needs to have problem-solving skills, math and science skills and have critical thinking skills. They should have composure in order to handle graphic crime scenes and have excellent communication skills.