What does a Firefighter do?What does a Firefighter do?

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A firefighter would respond to emergencies, such as, fire or medical. They would also be expected to work with hazardous material's units to clean up oil spills and any chemical accident with a goal of controlling and preventing these accidents, spills or fires from occurring.

How to become a Firefighter

To become a firefighter, you need a high school diploma and a vocational certification in firefighting and knowledge of medical services. A firefighter should pass a written and physical test and a series of interviews. An emergency medical technician certification (EMT) is also needed.

Job Description of a Firefighter

Firefighters typically work at the fire station when not on an emergency. They would sleep and eat here and remain on call during shifts possibly up to 24 hours. The work is considered to have the strong possibility of danger and long hours are often required.

They often operate vehicles and equipment, such as, firetrucks, forklifts or even aircraft or water vehicles. A firefighter must be physically fit in order to carry out the duties of lifting, climbing, moving heavy objects, running and balancing. They must be able to get important information through strong listening and communication skills and be quick to recognize a potential problem.

Firefighters must also be able to communicate valuable information to co-workers, supervisors, or medical and police people. The competition is strong and physically fit people with high test scores in addition to paramedic training would hold an advantage in this job market.