What does a Film Editor do?What does a Film Editor do?

Video Editor/Camera Operators

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It is usually required for a film and editor and camera operator to have a bachelor's degree in a related field, such as, broadcasting or film. Many colleges can be found that offer courses in video-editing software and/or camera operations with a coursework providing a mix of practical training with film theory.

An understanding of editing software and digital camera used on film sets is necessary for camera operators. Normally, an editor develops their own specialty in one type of software. Skills in communication, creativity, computers, and details are a few of the qualities an employer would look for in an applicant.

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Film and video editors are expected to use the director's vision to shoot, edit, and record scenes for documentaries, motion pictures, music videos, television programs, sporting events, or news.

He or she would organize raw film footage taken by the camera operator and meet with the directors to understand the total concept of the overall vision for the project, as well as inform the directors of the editing and filming techniques so that a scene may be improved if necessary.

The selection of appropriate equipment is important to the success of a project. Most video and film editors work in office settings and studios. They usually have full-time hours often with overtime and usually have assistants helping them.

Camera operators and videographers often shoot raw footage on location and may work long hours involving traveling to the location. An assistant is normally used to help the project go more smoothly and save time.