What does a Computer Programmer do? Careers and DegreesWhat does a Computer Programmer do? Careers and Degrees

What do Computer Programmers do?

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A computer programer loads instructions into a computer that it can follow that was designed by engineers and software developers. They create software programs by writing code and test the programs to be sure they are free of error and working optimally. They would correct any bugs or faults in the program when necessary.

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How to become a Computer Programmer

A computer programer usually needs a bachelor's degree in computer science, that teaches the skills needed to acquire new computer languages, or a related field. Some employer's may accept an associate's degree with background in a related field. In the case where the field, the student may choose to specialize, like, accounting or healthcare, the courses they should select should apply to that. Experience is greatly valued by employer's and gaining that experience through an internship would be advantageous. One should also consider remaining current in this career field by continuing to attend professional development seminars and training to remain competitive in this occupation.

Job Description of a Computer Programmer

A computer programer uses a variety of computer languages, like Java and C++, in order to write software programs. They manipulate the program designs made by engineers and developers into a language that the computer can understand and follow. They must expand and update current programs and run testing to find any errors or bugs in the program and confirm that the program software runs smoothly and correctly.

A programer interacts with software developers and, in the chance of their assignments conflicting, a programer is able to do other duties in developing, like, creating the program. They begin by designing flow charts and models explaining how to write the code, as well as, the systems interface and writing and/or correcting the code to be free of error.

A computer programmer uses tools for his or her job, such as, computer-assisted software engineering (CASE), in order to automate the code's writing. They also use code libraries to simplify the transcription of the code. A computer programmer's job can cover the spectrum of a few days to write, like, mobil phone applications, to a more complex job, such as, computer operating systems, that can require, anywhere from a few months, to over a year to write.

When a programmer usually needs to re-design their programs to adapt to other systems platforms, for instance, OSX or Windows, they are able to use a friendly application called, (SAS) software-as-a-service, that works on all platforms. In this case, a programmer may not have to take as much time to update a lot of code and spend productive time writing new programs.

A computer programmer can, typically, be found working in an office environment, usually in a computer systems design, however, since programmers can write code anywhere, they may telecommute. They can sometimes do a job that teams with other computer specialists or they can work solo, but most work on a full-time basis.

A programer who desires advancement after their background experience, may move into computer systems analysts or become software developers. A computer programer requires troubleshooting skills, analytical skills and be a detail oriented person. They require lots of concentration that is needed for writing code for long lengths of time.

A computer programer can work anywhere in the world so companies sometimes hire lower wage programmers in other countries.