How to do Computer Installation and Repair. Computer Installation and Repair job Description.Computer Installation and Repair

Computer Installation and Repair

Most computer installation and repair applicants take postsecondary classes after high school in computers, electronics, machine repair, computer and digital technology, net work hardware configuration and electrical engineering.

If a high school graduate can prove they are knowledgeable and comes with good communication skills, they may gain employment opportunity. Some applicants qualify after military training. Due to some job specialities, an employee may receive on-the-job training and begin with less complex problems and advance to more sophisticated systems.

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Job Description of Computer Installation and Repair

A computer installation and repairer fixes computers that malfunction and install new ones,when needed, to businesses, private homes or other places for consumer use, as well as, cleaning the computer for preventative maintenance. They may replace broken computer parts, like, video cards or keypads. He or she would install, repair or replace computer monitors, network connections or external hard drives.

They must have knowledge of common software packages and various operating systems. They use different types of tools for their job, such as, multimeters for diagnosis. They should be able to remotely access a computer to run diagnostic tests. They must communicate well with clients, so as to, understand a problem and be able to explain the basic functioning or needed repair of the equipment. They sometimes do administrative tasks, like completing order forms.

Some computer installation and repair workers travel to customer locations, while others work from repair shops. They are mostly employed by private businesses and some are self-employed. They usually work on a full-time basis.

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