What does a Auto Mechanic do?What does a Auto Mechanic do?

Auto Mechanic

An auto mechanic usually needs a high school diploma or equivalent to gain employment but due to the increasing sophistication of automotive technology, some auto mechanics go to programs in postsecondary training

Auto mechanic courses include in auto repair, math, electronics, computers, and english.

After establishing employment, a certificate is usually obtained. Most employers prefer an applicant to have experience and be familiar with auto mechanics.

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Job Description of a Auto Mechanic

An auto mechanic performs many tasks in the maintenance, diagnostic testing, repair, and inspection of small trucks and cars. They work on engines, drive belts, transmissions, and electronic systems, such as steering, brakes, and accident-avoidance systems. Some mechanics are beginning to work more often on trucks or cars that use alternative fuels like electricity or ethanol.

Car mechanics use computerized diagnostic tools to run tests as well as power tools and several more common tools to do their job. Many such tools are often owned by the mechanic and can add up to thousands of dollars. He or she may choose to specialize in various areas of auto mechanics, like, brake repairs, air-conditioning (which requires knowledge of government regulations), transmissions, or front-end mechanics.

In general, an auto mechanic changes, rotates or repairs tires, worn brake pads or wheel bearings, change oil, give tune-ups and inspections. They normally work full-time, often week-ends and overtime and are mostly employed by private businesses or are self-employed. The risk of injury or illness is higher than average in this occupation due to heavy lifting, cuts, burns and other causes.