What does a Advertising Sales Agent do?What does a Advertising Sales Agent do?

Advertising Sales Agent

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Advertising sales agents sell advertising space to customers like businesses by making sales presentations, contacting clients, and maintaining customer accounts. They work in a variety of industries, such as internet publishing, radio, television, and advertising agencies. They have a stressful job working under the pressure to meet sales quotas and may spend much of their time traveling to visit prospective clients and maintaining relationships with current customers.

Some sales agents may work in offices doing walk-in sales or responding to email advertising questions. Most advertising sales agents work full time and some work irregular hours and on weekends and holidays.

How to Become an Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising sales agents may gain employment in entry level sales positions with the minimum education of a high school diploma. However, many employers prefer a bachelor's degree with courses in business, communications, advertising, and marketing. Publishing companies and broadcasting stations with large circulations and audiences usually look for candidates with at least a college degree.

Experience in selling other products make educational requirements less strict. Most training comes on-the-job under an experienced sales manager. Employers may bring in consultants to provide training sessions for a specialized market. Communication skills are essential to this job, as well as initiative, organizational skills, and self-confidence.

Job description of an Advertising Sales Agent

The duties of advertising sales agents typically include seeking and contacting potential clients to sell their companies advertising services. They communicate to the client specific types of advertising that may increase or promote their services or products effectively. He or she provides costs estimates of their advertising to the customer and is sure to process all paperwork and correspondence related to accounts. They prepare sales presentations for new and existing clients. They provide available options to customers for advertising formats, art, or features and offer samples of work provided to other clients as a comparison.

An advertising sales agent delivers illustrations or advertising proofs to customers for approval and recommends proposals of size and formats that would work to the best advantage for advertising. He or she has the job of preparing sales literature, promotional plans, sales contacts, and media kits. They also stay current in their industry trends by reading about new products and monitoring the sales, prices, and products of their competitors.