What does a Welder do? A welder permanently joins metal..


What does a Welder do?

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A welder permanently joins metal parts through the use of intense heat of hand held metal joining equipment and smooth polish the surfaces of parts. They must know how to study blueprints or specifications and calculate the dimensions of the part to be welded.

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Welders also inspect materials or structures that need welding, monitor the process of welding as a caution for overheating, and maintain the welding machinery and equipment they work with.

How to Become a Welder

Most welders have a high school diploma or equivalent and a professional certification. Certifications can be gained at vocational schools or on-the-job experience. A welder can also gain certification through the American Welding Society.

Job Description of a Welder

Welders maintain the machinery and equipment they work with. A welder may weld or join metal parts on bridges, construction or power-plants, refineries or pipelines. They may work in aerospace applications, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, and other areas where welding is necessary.

Because of the wide variety of work welders do and depending on the industry there are more than 100 different processes the welder can use, the most common is arc welding.

Welders with the highest skill levels and a willingness to relocate have the greatest advantage for solid employment.

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