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What does a Website Developer do? A website developer would..

Website Developer

What does a Website Developer do?

website developer

A website developer would design and create websites. They maintain the website’s technical aspects, like, how much traffic the website can hold or how much speed it an handle. They also create content for the website to better serve the client. They even conduct tests to determine what website design or development works best for their audience.

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How to Become a Website Developer

To become a website developer, an associate’s degree in web design or a similar field is helpful. However, gaining a bachelor’s degree is advisable. A website developer should be educated in graphic design as well as programming. Having experience in computer systems or service related industry is very helpful in this competitive market and being on top of the latest technology related to this career field.

Job Description of a Website Developer

A website developer designs visually appealing websites so a product or service of a client can be rapidly seen and promoted online. The developer would be skilled in writing scripts custom made to the client and would most likely be trained in or carry some experience in an assortment of scripting languages.

A website developer would likely create the entire website, thereby, designing the function, home page and site layout. A skilled developer would design the client’s website with consideration to it’s specific market and create an innovative way to appeal to that market in showcasing the customer’s services or products. The web developer would assist the client in suggesting and providing advantages over competitors, thereby, helping the customer to achieve the greatest success opportunity.

A web developer would make the client’s website easily assessable and functional by checking forms and pages and using the top browser’s to check for interoperability. A web developer must take many things into consideration, such as, the many script languages that might be used in many areas, like surveys or sales and contests. The goal would be to easily and securely transfer information between the website and the visitor or consumer, so that, for instance, if a visitor needs to fill out a form it would navigate smoothly and easily and maintain a professional and attractive look.

In today’s job market many web developers work in or own firms that have employee’s specializing in many areas of development and design, but one fourth are self employed or work primarily in the services related industry or computer systems.

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