Training Developer

What does a Training and Development Specialist do? A training..

Training Developer

What does a Training and Development Specialist do?

training developer

A training and development specialist is responsible for determining the training needs of an organization or company and monitors the program effectiveness and may record training activities. They provide opportunities to improve job skills and gather data about training needs.

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How to Become a Training and Development Specialist?

A training and development specialist would require a bachelor’s degree in instructional design, human resources, education, training and development or the social sciences. Some jobs may ask for a master’s degree, as well as, experience in a work-related field. Some on-the-job training may be given. Vocational training is also useful.

Job Description of a Training Specialist

A training and development specialist is employed by companies or organizations to provide appropriate and valuable training to their employees. They would be involved in the design of the curriculum, deliver presentations or give training. They coordinate programs to provide further skills and knowledge to the company or organization’s employees. They may supervise development specialist or a training staff. They may also evaluate the need for training, so as, to improve employee productivity.

If the quality of expected improvements are not produced, a training and development specialist, would create an alternative method for training. They use visual materials and handouts that they have obtained or designed to aid in training. They may use other training techniques, like, team exercises, videos, group discussions or role playing. He or she would need to prepare and provide the budget reports to explain any expenditures and oversee the cost for training remains within the budget allowed.

A training and development specialist would be involved in the process of selecting training instructors and assign them to a specific task for the instruction of the employees. They must have knowledge of customer and personal service, education and training and a strong command of the english language, to include, rules of composition, the spelling and meaning of words and grammar. They need to know computers and electronics, psychology and other areas of knowledge required for this job. They need to be able to speak clearly so others can understand them and listen attentively to what others are saying.

The ability to use learning strategies is very critical in this occupation, as well as, social perceptiveness. A training and development specialist can be found working in nearly every industry, but mostly in offices. They normally would work regular, full-time business hours.

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