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Social Work Degree

The social work career field has a projected growth rate of 19 percent through 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With a degree in social work, you can have many career opportunities to choose from.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor's degree in social work (BSW) is what is normally needed for most entry-level positions. Courses in social work usually include, psychology, sociology, economics, and political sciences.

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Career Fields in Social Work

Depending on your education, experience, and specialized training, you may become qualified for the following:

  • geriatric social work (helping senior citizens and families)
  • hospice and palliative care social work (helping patients adjust to serious, chronic or terminal illness)
  • medical social work in hospitals (helping patients link to resources in the hospital or community)
  • child and family social work (helping children and families in need of assistance)
  • school social worker (working with teachers and school administration to improve students academic performance and social development)
  • healthcare social worker (helping patients understand their diagnosis and helping make adjustments to lifestyle, housing, or healthcare)
  • clinical social worker (diagnosing and treating mental behavioral and emotional disorders)

A master's degree in social work would be required in the case of a clinical social worker. You would need 2 years of postmaster experience in a supervised setting and obtain a state license to practice.

Additional Career Opportunities in Social Work

There are also additinoal career opportunities for those holding a social worker degree because the field of study is similar, but there may be additional requirements needed for certain careers.

  • health educator and community health worker (bachelor's degree)
  • probation officers and correctional treatment specialist (bachelor's degree)
  • mental health counselor and marriage and family therapists (master's degree)