Social Service Assistant

What does a Social and Human Service Assistant do? Social..

Social Service Assistant

What does a Social and Human Service Assistant do?

social service assistant

Social and human service assistants work under the direction of social and human service workers, social workers, and psychologists providing support for client services like rehabilitation, social work, and psychology for families.

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They help clients find benefits or community services like helping the elderly stay in their own home, independently whenever possible. They work for non-profit organizations, state and local governments, and for-profit social service agencies.

How to Become a Social and Human Service Assistant

A minimum of a high school diploma is generally required and to have completed a period of on-the-job training to become a social and human service assistant. Employers often desire a candidate to have experience in a related field and a certificate or an associate’s degree in areas such as gerontology, human services, or social or behavioral science.

Human service degree programs teach students to interview and observe patients, handle people in crisis, and carry out treatment plans. Most programs include fieldwork in order for a student to get hands-on experience. One who is holding a higher level of education is more likely to have more responsibilities than those with a high school diploma.

Job Description of a Social and Home Service Assistant

The duties of a social and human service assistant includes determining the level and type of aid their clients need and they work together with other professionals (like social workers) to develop the best plan of treatment. They assist people with their daily activities such as bathing or eating.

Social service assistants explore various services that might be available in a client’s community like Medicare and food stamps and help coordinate these services for their client. He or she assists a client apply for assistance programs by helping them fill out paperwork.

A social and human service assistant sometimes transports clients to services or appointments in their area and regularly check in with them to ensure all their services are appropriately met. He or she may work with various people in need such as the homeless, former prison inmates, children and families, the disabled, veterans, immigrants, or those with a mentally illness.

A social and human service assistant should be compassionate, organizational, interpersonal and have good communication and time-management skills.

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