What does a Social Community Service Manager do?What does a Social Community Service Manager do?

What is a Social Community Service Manager?

Social community service managers work for private for-profit service companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies coordinating and supervising social service programs and community organizations. They implement and suggest improvements to services and programs and manage staff who provide social services to the public. They work full-time in a variety of settings such as clinics, shelters, offices, and hospitals.

How to Become a Social and Community Services Manager

The minimum education requirement for a social and community services manager is a bachelor's degree in public or business administration, social work, public health, urban studies, or a related field.

Many employers prefer hiring candidates with a master's degree with coursework in policy analysis, statistics, and program management. Work experience is needed for those entering this occupation, such as a background in social work or a related field.

Job Description of a Social and Community Services Manager

The duties of a social and community services manager is to work with community members and other organizations to identify necessary programs and services and discuss their programs. They oversee administrative aspects of programs and establish methods to gather relevant information about their programs' impact and effectiveness.

Some organizations may focus on working with particular demographics like the homeless, elderly, veterans, or children. Other organization's may focus on long-term unemployment, mental health, or presence of chronic hunger. He or she must develop and manage budgets, write proposals for social services funding, and recruit and hire new staff members.

A social and community services manager sometimes represent the organization to the public through speaking engagements or in community-wide committees and meeting with potential donors for fund raising.

Career Satisfaction

If you are interested in starting and carrying out projects and managing those projects, this career could prove very rewarding. In addition, this position places a person in the community and serving others which many people find extremely rewarding in a career.