Security Guard

What does a Security Guard do? A security guard and..

Security Guard

What does a Security Guard do?

security guard

A security guard and gaming surveillance officer are the keepers and protectors of private or public property against theft, any illegal activity, vandalism or terrorism. They would regularly patrol assigned areas and closely check visitor access.

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A security guard and gaming surveillance officer also protect and enforce laws on an employee’s property. They would cooperate and assist emergency services or law enforcement.

How to Become a Security Guard

Most security guards need at least a high school diploma while a gaming surveillance officer might need more experience in the areas of video and security operations and monitoring. If needed, it may also be necessary to register their firearms with the state. Most employers provide on-the-job training for new hires; however the amount and type of training varies from employer to employer.

Job Description of a Security Guard

A private detective and investigator would be expected to find and analyze facts in a variety of case situations, such as, personal, legal and financial concerns. They would provide other expertise in the areas of verification of people’s backgrounds, insurance fraud and could even investigate investment groups to protect a client against fraud.

While a gaming surveillance officer works mostly in casino operating rooms a security guard would work in a wider variety of places, such as, retail stores, office buildings or any public building where security would be required. The writing of reports on their observations would be a regular part of the job, therefore, writing and communication skills would be helpful.

A security guard and gaming surveillance officer may need to hold and detain a violator and be required to give court testimonies concerning any involvement in the breaking of the law. In an emergency situation they would ask for assistance from appropriate departments, such as, fire, police or ambulance. A guard may work with undercover detectives to monitor hotels, hospitals, banks or even guard museums to help in the security of valuable paintings. This would require the observation of people, perhaps searching back packs or handbags and/or monitoring cameras for possible theft.

Guards would be seen working at stadiums, parks and maintaining control in large crowds and even assisting in directing traffic. A guard is important in protecting schools, colleges and universities form suspicious activity. A security guard sometimes will specialize in working with armored car security by protecting money or valuables in transit, both picking up and delivery of these valuables. This job would normally require wearing bulletproof vests and the wearing of a firearm.

A security guard would spend more time on his feet than a gaming surveillance officer, however, both would often work shifts or a mix of hours. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 12 percent growth in this career field. A security officer would have many opportunities for employment as the job carries a wide spectrum of places to work.

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