Security Analyst

What does a Security Analyst do? An information security analysts..

Security Analyst

What does a Security Analyst do?

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An information security analysts protects a company’s systems and networks by planning and carrying out measures of security. They create innovative solutions to prevent critical information from being stolen, damaged, or compromised by hackers.

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How to Become a Security Analyst

A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field is required. Experience is generally not necessary to gain an entry-level job.

Job Description of a Security Analyst

A information security analyst works for consulting firms, financial and business companies, or computer companies and develop plans to protect computer files against unauthorized people and possible theft or destruction. They would need to be able to erect firewalls and encrypt data transmissions to secure confidential information as it is being received or transmitted and also keeping out tainted digital transfers.

A information security analyst reviews computer security violations and discusses procedures with the violator to prevent repeated offenses. They remain current on reports of computer viruses and decide if updated protection is needed and share this information with the company or customer. A information software analyst maintains or modifies computer security files to add or incorporate new software, change a person’s access status and correct errors.

They would promote security awareness in the company. This works with improving the security of it’s computer data and improve network and server efficiency. They are sure to document tests, security and emergency policies and procedures. A software developer should be able to solve complex problems in real-world settings and have the social skills in order to work well with people.

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