Quality Control Inspector

What does a Quality Control Inspector do? A quality control..

Quality Control Inspector

What does a Quality Control Inspector do?

Quality Inspector

A quality control inspector examines materials and products for deviations or defects from the specifications, and monitors production. They reject and discard any defective product or material. Every industry has their own specifications and establishment size.

Quality control inspectors typically work full time during regular business hours with some overtime when necessary.

How to become a Quality Control Inspector

Quality control inspectors typically require a high school diploma or the equivalent and receive on-the-job training that can last from 1 month to 1 year. Because many quality control inspectors work in medical or pharmaceutical labs, having laboratory work in the natural or biological sciences are very helpful.

Although post secondary programs exist, most companies prefer on-the-job training. Automated techniques are becoming more common in manufacturing, requiring less inspection by hand, therefore, making it increasingly necessary for workers to have knowledge of sophisticated equipment and the use of software application. Because of the growing need for these skills, higher education becomes more necessary and some colleges are now offering associate’s degrees in fields like quality control management.

It may also be advantageous for one to gain a certification through the American Society for Quality (ASQ), which offers various certifications.

Job Description of a Quality Control Inspector

The duties of a quality control inspector typically include, reading blueprints and specifications and monitoring production to ensure all standards are met. They may need to adjust the production process and measure, inspect, and test materials or products being produced by using calipers, rulers, micrometers, or gauges. If a finished item is rejected, he or she removes or discards the product or material. They meet with those responsible for product to discuss the results of the inspection and report test data and inspection.

There are many industries with their own specifications and establishment size. Therefore, the duties of a quality control inspector may vary according to the particular place he or she is employed.

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