Occupational Therapy Aide

What does an Occupational Therapy Aide do? An occupational therapy..

Occupational Therapy Aide

What does an Occupational Therapy Aide do?

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An occupational therapy aide supports the occupational therapist and/or the occupational therapist assistant in their job to help patients recover or improve their muscle and motor functions after an injury or illness. They do not work directly with the patient and is overseen by the occupational therapist. They help set up equipment and do various clerical duties.

How to Become a Occupational Therapy Aide

You would typically need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Prior work related experience in healthcare would be helpful and a CPR and basic life support (BLS) certificate would be advantageous to securing a position. Normally, on-the-job training is given that can last from a few weeks up to a few months.

Job Description of a Occupational Therapy Aide

An occupational therapy aide is not, typically, directly involved with a patient, but performs activities of support under the supervision of occupational therapist. They would prepare the patient’s treatment area and assemble or set up the therapy equipment.

When needed, aides transport clients from one place of treatment to another and clean all areas after the therapy session. He or she performs clerical tasks, such as, filling out insurance forms, scheduling appointments, checking inventory and answering phones. An occupational therapy aide can be found working in offices, hospitals, care facilities or some are employed in social assistance or educational services.

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