Marketing Manager

Advertising and marketing managers develop programs to generate the interest..

Marketing Manager

What does a Marketing Manager do?

Median Pay $131,180
Growth Rate 9%
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Advertising and marketing managers develop programs to generate the interest of the service or product by interacting with sales engineers, financial staff, and art directors. Advertising and marketing professionals would examine any plans or sketches that are to used in the program strategy and make any changes or additions to the layout and project the impact of the strategy by testing on focus groups.

An advertising, promotions and marketing manager is responsible for the promotional or advertising strategies for a service or product. They often test these strategies with focus groups prior to launch.They may create materials, such as, coupons, posters or contests as an additional means to stimulate interest for the client.

How to Become a Marketing Manager

marketing manager

In order to become an advertising, promotions, and marketing manager you must have a bachelor’s degree. Coursework includes classes in marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, communication methods, technology, art, business law, management, economics, finance, and statistics. In addition extensive experience in a work-related field is also expected in most cases by hiring employers.

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Job Description of a Marketing Manager

An advertising, promotions, and marketing manager develops, directs, or coordinates programs and policies for advertising to generate interest in a service or product purchase for an organization, account, or a department. They mobilize campaign teams to reach the desired goals of promotions for product or service interests and continue to monitor and direct them.

They examine advertising scripts, video and audio tapes or other materials, used for promotion to be sure the promotions conform to required specifications. They collect any information needed to develop advertising campaigns and organize the data and materials to be used. They give technical or marketing suggestions when conferring with a client. He or she meets with staff or management to cover materials and discuss topics on products advertising media or, perhaps, contracts.

An advertising, promotions and marketing managers, would prepare estimates and budgets of program expenses for campaign development and submit them for approval. They are involved in the negotiation and preparation of sales and advertising contracts. They may interact with management or appointed staff to assist with the planning of the yearly budget.

An advertising promotions and marketing managers, requires knowledge of communications and media, the english language and sales and marketing. They need knowledge of production and processing, like, quality control, costs and production process. One should be skilled in speaking effectively to others and listen closely to what people are saying or attempting to communicate.

He or she should be socially perceptive to understand the reasons people react as they do. It is important for you to make decisions considering costs and benefits of potential promotions or campaigns and have many other abilities and knowledge to make you successful in this occupation.

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