Landscape Architect

A landscape architect designs landscapes for businesses, parks, private homes,..

Landscape Architect

What does a Landscape Architect do?

Median Pay $63,480
Growth Rate 5%
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A landscape architect designs landscapes for businesses, parks, private homes, or even a college campus. They may plan and design the land area of an airport, hospital, highway or any recreational facility. A landscape architect would write proposals and develop marketing strategies to continually secure new business.

How to Become a Landscape Architect

landscape architect

Many employers want a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from an accredited school as well as internship experience before offering an applicant a career as a landscape architect. You would need to take a landscape architect registration exam as well. Most states require a license, but each state varies in it’s requirements.

Job Description of a Landscape Architect

A landscape architect draws up cost estimates, make models, and meet with clients before applying the approved design at the job site. A lot of thought and planning goes into a landscape design. They analyze environmental reports, drainage, and location of the area. They would also be sure inspections were done to remain in compliance with any laws or specifications.

A landscape architect evaluates the quality of the materials needed for the design and manages any work done that involves subcontractors. They are educated in the techniques used to make models, blueprints, and technical plans.

A landscape architect is educated in public safety and security, government regulations, and legal codes. A successful landscape architect is creative in the design and pays attention to details. They must present documentation, drawings, and cost estimates to explain the total concept of a project to clients.

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