Labor Relations Specialist

What does a Labor Relations Specialist do? A labor relations..

Labor Relations Specialist

What does a Labor Relations Specialist do?

labor relations specialist

A labor relations specialist works with representatives in a company’s management and labor union and administers and interprets labor contracts concerning salaries and wages, pensions, healthcare, as well as management and union practices.

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These specialists address specific grievances of a worker and determine if labor and management solutions are in compliance with the relevant agreement. They typically work inside offices on a full time basis.

How to Become a Labor Relations Specialist

Labor relations specialist would require a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, accounting, human resource management, and professional writing. Some schools offer a bachelor’s degree in labor or employment relations which focus’ on labor-specific topics like contract negotiation and employment law.

Many employers prefer previous work experience which can be gained as human resource specialist or generalist before advancing to labor relations. Some students wish to specialize in certain topics like mediation, whereby becoming certified gives one the needed knowledge and understanding of the collective bargaining process, labor law, and worker grievance procedures. Some colleges and universities offer these certifications.

Job Description of a Labor Relations Specialist

Labor relations specialist have the duties of advising management on grievances, disciplinary procedures, and contracts. They draft proposals and rules or regulations to assist in facilitating collective bargaining. They meet with union representatives and lead meetings between labor and management and draft formal language as part of the collective bargaining process. He or she has the task of insuring that human resource policies are in compliance with union agreement.

A labor relations specialist drafts rules, regulations, and proposals. They help interpret formal communications between labor and management. He or she also has the duties of training management on labor relations and investigate the validity of any labor grievances or claims.

A labor relations specialist would apply their skills in decision making, writing, and listening in this job as well as being detail-oriented and interpersonal.

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