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This job quiz takes about 2 minutes. The job quiz results are immediate and free, no registration required.

This job quiz is meant to help you find an entry level job or part-time job you will enjoy. Ideal for high school and college students or adults looking for a side job or those with no education. If you were looking for a career interest test that will also give you college programs, take our free career test.

  1. Work in a fast-paced environment.
  2. Help or mentor kids.
  3. Work with or around animals.
  4. Work that is physically demanding.
  5. Sell merchandise I am interested in (clothes, auto parts, comic books, etc.)
  6. Assist a wide variety of customers.
  7. A job that has to do with sports.
  8. Work in a kitchen or work as a server.
  9. Work mainly with kids and no other age group.
  10. Care for animals, even clean up after them.
  11. Stay (or get) in shape.
  12. Help customers find what they are looking for.
  13. Take care of customers.
  14. A job that may be physically demanding at times.
  15. Work for tips to earn immediate money.
  16. Be a role model for kids.
  17. Learn about animals.
  18. A job with limited interaction with customers.
  19. Work mainly indoors.
  20. Work at a hotel or movie theater.
  21. Work around other athletes or people playing sports.
  22. I'm interested in going to college.

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Your job quiz results are in order by interest level. For a professional career interest test, take the free career test which matches professional careers with your interests. You can even find colleges that match the career categories you are interested in.

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Work in the Food Industry

Want to learn to cook? There are line-prep positions at restaurants and other jobs in the kitchen that are considered entry-level. If you want to make money each night you work, you can work as a server and get tips! If you'd like to get your feet wet in the food industry and get used to working in the restaurant environment before jumping into a fast-paced job, apply for a job as a host/hostess. You can even bartend, but you must be over 18. When looking for work, don't forget that nicer hotels have banquet halls and restaurants as well.

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Work with Kids

If you like helping kids, there are a lot of entry level jobs you can apply for. First, you can babysit. You don't even need to apply at an employer, you can start gaining customers on your own. It's recommended to get CPR and First Aid Training. You can also work a recreational center (like a YMCA). Youth camps also hire people (mainly) over the summer. You can also apply for jobs at locations that entertain kids, such as archaids, batting cages, toy stores, or amusement parks (to name a few). By the way, don't forget that you can also tutor!

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Work with Animals

If you love animals, you may want to work with them. Try applying at your local vet's office or animal boarding location. You can gain clients and become a dog sitter and dog walker. If there are horse stables near by, or horseback riding tours near you, they may be hiring. Other places you may find success are pet stores and local zoo.

Work that is Physically Demanding:

If you want to stay in shape or just like more physically challenging work, there are entry-level jobs in construction or landscaping. Other jobs include stocking store shelves, bagging at grocery stores, and car washing shops. One of the most physically demanding jobs you may be interested in is working for a packing and moving service.

A grounds maintenance worker is another option. They keep the outside of places maintained in a healthy, attractive manner. They trim trees, edge boarders and bushes, mow lawns, rake leaves, and do other outdoor upkeep to keep the area attractive for the client. They usually work seasonally, mostly summer, spring, and autumn, which can be perfect for students. A grounds maintenance worker has a physically demanding job with heavy lifting, bending, shoveling, and kneeling. There is no formal education required for a grounds maintenance worker. A short period of on-the-job training is usually sufficient to learn any new skills like using equipment and how to plant and maintain areas. Many states are requiring a license if insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides are used.

Work in Retail

If you are interested in working in retail, you might as well apply for jobs at stores that sell merchandise you already like! Check out your favorite clothing store. Not into clothes? Maybe you like electronics! Some types of stores you may forget to consider include: tourist gift shops, car stereo shops (or departments in a store), computer and electronic stores, cell phone stores (that may even pay you commission!). Like to read? Try book stores! Like art? Try comic book, hobby, or art stores. Like animals? Find a pet store. As you can see, there is bound to be a store that fits your interest!

Work in the Hospitality Industry:

If you like working with people, some jobs that you may enjoy include working at a movie theater or amusement park. There are also numerous positions at hotels. There are also companies that hire brand ambassadors to promote their products at events, grocery stores, or malls. You may also find an event planner in need of an assistant. This can help you gain valuable experience.

Work around Sporting Events and/or Athletes

If you are into sports, there are entry-level jobs that let you work around other athletes or be around a sporting event. You may consider trying out to be a lifeguard, gaining employment at a gym, or help out at a golf course. You can even start taking classes to learn how to become a referee.

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Going to college

When looking at colleges, research your potential college's accredidation, tuition, and graduation rate. Next, if you are looking for a job now, look for jobs that align with your area of interest. You may even consider interning or volunteering to gain valuable experience if entry level jobs are not an option.

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