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What does a Home Health Aide do? A home health..

Home Health Aide

What does a Home Health Aide do?

home health aide

A home health aide provides care, companionship and assistance to the elderly, chronically ill, disabled or otherwise impaired person. Under the supervision of a nurse or healthcare practitioner, they may sometimes check a client’s vital signs, administer medication or help with a ventilator.

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Most home health aides travel to a client’s home while others may work in care communities, small group homes, residential facilities, or retirement homes. Some may provide services for one patient whereas others may have 4-5 patients a day.

How to Become a Home Health Aide

You do not require any formal training for this occupation, but are expected to have a high school diploma. Those home health aide’s working in hospice agencies or home health agencies would require formal training in personal hygiene, infection control, and other areas.

Job Description of a Home Health Aide

A home health aide provides client’s, like, the disabled, elderly and chronically ill, companionship and help in their normal, everyday tasks, such as, dressing, bathing or eating.

They help a client shop for groceries and make meals according to their diet and nutritional needs. They may help them plan appointments or schedules, like a doctor or dentist appointment. A home health aide usually works for hospice or a certified home health agency that receives funding from the government, and so, you must remain in compliance with any regulations.

He or she receives supervision of professionals, like nurses, and so, they may administer medications and check vital signs when needed. They keep records of the service they provided and note the person’s progress or any changes that may require further professional attention.

A home health aide may also be interactive with medical staff or therapists. They might change a client’s bandages, give skin care, help with braces or walkers or other needs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 48 percent growth in 2012-2022 in this career field.

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