High School Teacher

What does a High School Teacher do? High School teachers..

High School Teacher

What does a High School Teacher do?

high school teacher

High School teachers typically educate 9th-12th grade students in various academic subjects. They are responsible in meeting state standards and high school graduation requirements.

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Most have specific subjects they teach to students that rotate from classroom to classroom throughout the day. They generally teach in public schools, however some may teach in specialized or charter schools for gifted or developmentally impaired students.

How to Become a High School Teacher

A high school teacher needs to have acquired a bachelor’s degree with most states requiring them to major in a subject area, like math or chemistry. Most states require candidates to pass a general teaching certification test and an exam that proves their knowledge in their specialized subject that they would teach. Some private schools may not require a license, but do want a bachelor’s degree.

Job Description of a High School Teacher

A high school teacher teaches multiple skills and academic lessons to prepare students to enter college or the job market after graduation. They develop lesson plans in the subject area they teach and evaluate students’ strengths, abilities, or, areas of needed improvement. They strive to motivate and challenge their students and may teach in large classroom settings or in small groups.

He or she would grade the students and meet with parents, staff and other facility. They monitor the classroom and enforce school rules. A high school teacher might teach different grade levels in one day, such as, 9th grade and then 11th grade, and must adjust their lesson plan accordingly. Some teachers may coach sports or advise student clubs that usually require work hours outside of the classroom.

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