One Year Health Programs Medical Degree Less than 1 YearOne Year Health Programs Medical Degree Less than 1 Year

Health Programs that take Less than 1 Year!

Looking to enter healthcare but want to gain a position in the medical field quickly? There are a few health programs you can complete in 1 year or less. Some of these educational opportunities can be accomplished entirely online.

After checking out the list and finding a college, you can also take the free health career test to find out what medical career fits your interest.

Medical Coder and Biller | $46,847/year

In as little as 7 months, you can become certified in medical coding and billing. You can also become certified through online educational programs. A quality educational program may have courses that include medical terminology, anatomy, and office skills. When choosing a program, also verify the medical coding and billing certification is accredited. According to, coders earn an average of $46,847 a year.

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Dental Assistant | $34,500/year | 25% Growth Rate

Most programs to become a dental assistant take about 1 year to complete and lead to a certification. Programs include classroom and laboratory work.

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Nursing Assistant (CNA) | $24,400/year | 21% Growth Rate

If you like helping people, you may enjoy becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Duties include feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, and transporting patients. CNA educational program are some of the shortest out of all healthcare fields. You can become certified in as little as 6 weeks.

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Medical Assistant | $29,370/year | 29% Growth Rate

Most medical assistants have postsecondary education such as a certificate. They can perform administrative duties such as taking a patient's history and personal information as well as scheduling appointments. They may also perform clinical duties such as measuring vital signs. Many programs are less than 1 year in length.

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Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians | $37,240/year | 22%

Though you can earn a 2-year degree to become a medical/clinical lab technician, you can also complete a certification program in as little as 1 year. You'll be collecting samples and performing tests on patients to analyze body fluids, tissue, and other substances.

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Medical Transcriptionist | $34,020/year | 8%

As a medical transcriptionist, you would listen to voice recordings that physicians make and convert them into reports. Some programs take as little as 4 months and you can accomplish your education online.

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Pharmacy Technician | $29,320/year | 20%

You can become certified as a pharmacy technician in as little as 10 months. You will be receiving and preparing patient medications.

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