Health Educator

What does a Health Educator do? A health educator is..

Health Educator

What does a Health Educator do?

health educator worker

A health educator is responsible for educating people about the importance and development of healthy behaviors and to implement programs and/or strategies to improve overall health in a community or of an individual.

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They collect information and target health concerns with individuals, communities or of a specific population to develop programs of wellness and the utilization of available health care services.

How to Become a Health Educator

To become a health educator one normally requires a bachelor’s degree in health care or health care promotion. Many jobs want a (CHES) certified health education specialist credential.

Job Description of a Health Educator

A health educator manages and promotes health education programs that optimize healthy living behaviors in families, communities or individuals. They get information and examine data in order to identify the areas of need for health education in communities or persons, so that, a proper plan, evaluation program, monitoring or the implementing of a strategy is created to administer or encourage a lifestyle of health.

A health educator designs and offers training workshops, community or school presentations, or conferences in health education. They organize and distribute educational information or developed materials for wellness to state and local government or community agencies. They address various health concerns, such as, vaccines or smoking with educational materials, like, visual aids, reports or bulletins.

A health educator interacts with other health specialists and civic groups to target a communities’ health needs and provided services in order to create and meet health care goals. They develop and conduct diagnostic studies and evaluations to determine the quality and performance of health education programs. He or she would facilitate the functioning of health education programs by maintaining information, like, mailing lists, databases or telephone networks.

A health educator would have knowledge of sociology and anthropology, to include, group behavior and dynamics, as well as, therapy and counseling. They need to have knowledge of training and education and the english language, such as, spelling and meaning of words, grammar and rules of composition. They would have the ability to speak clearly and listen attentively to others, so as, to be understood and to understand. They need to have social perceptiveness and the skill of learning or teaching new things using instructional or training methods.

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