Guidance Counselor

What does a Guidance Counselor do Guidance counselors assist students..

Guidance Counselor

What does a Guidance Counselor do

school guidance counselor

Guidance counselors assist students overcome their challenges and academic development. There are also school career counselors that help people make career decisions or advice them on the education and experience needed to attain a position in a career field.

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A school counselor works in public and private school on a full-time basis. Career counselors may work in career centers, colleges, private practice, or government agencies on a full-time bases.

How to Become a School Guidance Counselor or Career Advisor

Typically, a school counselor requires a master’s degree in school counseling or a related field. Programs for this degree would include working with parents, community organizations, school staff, and fostering academic development. The program teaches the student to use data to develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive school counseling programs. An internship or practicum is usually required for the student to gain experience. Public school counselors need state-issued credentials to practice and depending on the state, may be called an endorsement or license.

Many employers prefer a career advisor to have a master’s degree in counseling with a focus on career development. The programs for career counseling students prepare one to access clients’ skills and interest and to teach career development techniques. Most of these programs require students to have a period of supervised experience like, an internship. Licensure is not required by every state for a career advisor, although some employers prefer it.

Job Description of a School Counselor and Career Advisor

The duties of a school counselor usually consist of the evaluation of a students’ abilities and interest by giving aptitude assessments, individual planning, and interviews. They identify problems that impact the students’ school performance and help them to understand and overcome their behavioral or social problems through counseling and classroom guidance lessons. They help students develop skills, like, study habits and time management and organizational skills to include, creating plans to meet their goals and academic achievement.

He or she works with parents, administrators, and teachers to help the student achieve success. A school counselor teaches school staff and students about the problem areas of drug abuse and bullying as well as planning for the future after graduation for careers or college. They have the responsibility of reporting suspected cases of student neglect or abuse to the proper authorities.

Career advisors have the job of helping clients evaluate their abilities, skills, and interests by using aptitude and achievement assessments. They evaluate the persons’ background, training and education in order to help the client develop realistic goals and help guide them in choosing a profession and/or type of degree necessary to be successful.

Career advisors assist clients to understand how interviewing, networking, and searching for jobs is properly done. They help clients resolve any problems in the workplace, such as conflicts with coworkers or bosses. The client that is already employed may need the career counselor to help them develop a plan to improve or advance their careers.

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