Green Jobs

Green Jobs: Green Industry Dream Jobs The Bureau of Labor..

Green Jobs

Green Jobs: Green Industry Dream Jobs

green jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics considers a job as green if the career produces goods or services that “benefit the environment or conserve natural resources” or jobs where a worker would be involved in “making their establishment’s production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.”

As of 2009, the top industry sector holding the most green jobs is the construction industry followed by professional and business services. Due to budget cuts, as of 2013 all spending into collecting data to measure green jobs in the United States has been put on hold at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, here are some careers for those looking for a green job.

Water Conservation

Water is important to humans, and wildlife. Water is our most valuable resource. That is why water conservation is so important. A career in water conservation is an important career field that keeps track of our water supplies and checks the quality for human and wildlife use. Water conservationists can also help businesses and communities with water saving efforts.

Forestry Conservation

Forestry conservation is another field. Forests must be protected against pollution, fire, pests, diseases, and over-harvesting by humans or urbanization.


Biofuel is an alternative to oil-based fuels, such as the ones that fuel our vehicles. These biofuels can be more environmentally-friendly than their oil-based counterparts. Biofuels are created by living or recently living organisms – one example is plants. Because these fuels can be created from plants, biofuel is also a renewable resource.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal power is actually generated by the Earth. Geothermal energy is generated by the Earth’s natural underground heat to provide clean energy. In 2012, the geothermal industry is developing 130 geothermal projects in 15 states, according to the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA).

Additional Industries and Careers in Green Energy

  • Environmental Remediation
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Auditors
  • Recycling
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Green Construction
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Energy
  • Organic Food Production

For more information on green careers, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

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