Graphic Designer

What does a Graphic Designer do? A graphic designer creates..

Graphic Designer

What does a Graphic Designer do?

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A graphic designer creates visual concepts by combining the use of computer software and art in order to develop and deliver ideas to a client that would inform, inspire, or motivate a consumer.

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They are original and creative thinkers with abilities to develop and apply clever ideas in a design, application or to a problem.They can develop graphics for illustrations for brochures, advertisements, corporate reports and other services, such as websites and logos.

How to become a Graphic Designer

To gain a career as a graphic designer, you usually needs a bachelor’s degree in design or a similar field. A lot of experience and work-related skill is needed and on-the-job training and/or vocational school courses. The candidate would be highly considered for a job if he or she presents a strong and professional portfolio that would demonstrate the features of their best designs, creativity, and originality.

Job Description of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers communicate ideas through the layout and images of websites and printed pages with the combined use of technology and art. In the creative process of a graphic designer they connect text and images on a webpage or a print. They can make complex ideas more accessible by using their skills in text, color and images, thereby, creatively transforming statistical or other data into diagrams and visual graphics. Because a graphic designer is important to the marketing and sales of products, logo’s and brochures, they often interact with people in public relations, marketing or advertising.

Graphic designers might also work with writers for wording or paragraphs. A graphic designer may specialize in an area or specific client, such as, graphics used in packaging design or visual design used for book covers or other specialized categories. A graphic designer remains current in computer technologies and software and maintains a variety of mediums to achieve an artistic statement or effect. They are active listeners, speakers, writers and communicators with their clients, co-workers, or supervisors.

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