Free Career Tests Assessment Placement Test and Quiz OnlineFree Career Tests Assessment Placement Test and Quiz Online

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Email the Test Results

The tests on YourFreeCareerTests allow users to email their results to their email or someone elses. YourFreeCareerTest does not store the names or email addresses that are input.

Save the tests as a PDF

The test can also be saved as a pdf. When using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers, users can choose the option to "Save as pdf" from the print options menu.


These tests were created to be student-friendly. Test questions are worded so students with a range of reading levels may take the test (including ESOL students).

In order to be student-friendly, the career test features include:

No registration
Printable results
Test Translations
Accessibility (*require Javascript)
Mobile Friendly

How the Tests were Created

The resources used to assist in building the career tests on include: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics K12 site, O*Net OnLine, and Career One Stop.

The career interest tests are not based on psychology theories. It simply asks questions that relate to broad career interest categories. Like other career tests, it uses an algorithm to match question responses to careers. There are multiple questions that relate to career categories. Interest percentage level is dictated by those question's overall score.


Business opportunities are welcome, however, they MUST be student-friendly. A good rule of thumb is if a teacher would be turned off by an advertisement, it will not be approved. If the advertisement is not educational, this reduces the likelyhood as well.

Protecting Privacy

The free online personality test and career tests have a name field and an email field on the results page. This information is not collected or stored in a database of any sort, it is used to add to a subject line when sending email results of the tests. The only information collected is through college referrals if a user would like to gain more information from a post-secondary school. This is not necessary for the test and is voluntarily entered by users.

Free Career Tests and Personality Tests

These career and personality tests are student-friendly, free, and require no registration. You can view your results at the end, print your results, and email your results without giving personal information.

Health Medical Career Test Free Online

Free Health Career Test | 2 min

Take this health career test and discover your medical career interest in such categories as: Dental Care, Patient Care, Public Health, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Administrative, Alternative Medicine/Well-being, Diagnostic, Rehabilitation, and Surgery.

College Search Test Find a College

College Search Test - Find a College | 2 min (opens new tab)

Take this college search test and discover the types of colleges, universities, or trade schools that match your interests. From type of schools, locations, and focus, this free college test can help students and adults with college exploration.

Career Aptitude Test Free Online

Free Career Aptitude Test | 2 min

This free career aptitude test matches work experience to careers. Mainly a test for those with working experience. For example, adults answer career questions based on their current work experience to match occupations that may be a good fit.

Free Personality Test Online

Free Personality Test (opens in a new tab) | 3-4 min Wonder what your personality strengths are? This free personality test gives you the opportunity to answer questions about yourself to learn about your personality traits.

Free Career Interest Test Online

Free Career Test | 2-3 min

This free career test assessment has been used online by adults and students worldwide. Free career test results, printable, and no registration. This career test has also been translated into Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, and Marathi.

Job Quiz Free Online

Free Job Quiz | 2 min

Seeking an entry-level position requiring no formal education? This free job quiz is specifically useful for high school or college students interested in getting their first part-time or summer job.

Career and College Resources

Free College and Career Worksheets

Worksheets and Downloadable Templates

Teacher and Workforce Resources: Free cover letter and resume templates, scholarship tracking worksheets, college checklists, and career readiness classroom material, there are worksheets and templates for students and adults that are free to download and use.

Free College Money through Grants, Scholarships, and Tax Credits

College Money: Grants, Scholarships, and Tax Credits

Here's some news that won't surprise anyone: college is expensive. But it just might surprise you to learn it doesn't have to be. Learn about grants, tax credits, scholarships, and other cost-saving options.

College Readiness for Students

Students: Prepare for College

Information to help you prepare for college.

How to Prepare your Student for College

Parents: Prepare your Student for College

Information for parents to help your student prepare for college.

Additional Student-friendly Resources

School districts around the world use YourFreeCareerTest. These career tests are free and require no registration, are easy to share via email and print. If there is another student-friendly resource you think other teachers and career advisors would find useful, email contact@yourfreecareertest so it can be added to this list.

School districts and teachers may also find the Bureau of Labor Statistics K-12 Student Resources Career Exploration Website (opens in a new tab) helpful. This is a resource from the United States government so if your students are in other countries, the salary and projected growth may be different. This is a great resource after students take the career tests on YourFreeCareerTest for their continued career research. (opens in a new tab) is also a beneficial site for career research. Also for teens (middle school and high school students) specifically, you may helpful.

For younger kids, there is that offers resources for teachers, students and parents of youth K-8.

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