Food Service Manager

What does a Food Service Manager do? A food service..

Food Service Manager

What does a Food Service Manager do?

food service manager

A food service manager performs the duties of the daily operations of a food service or restaurant to ensure that it is efficiently functioning and, thereby, earning the employer a financial profit because of customer satisfaction and proper budgeting, accounting and record keeping. They need knowledge of customer and personal service, management and administration and personnel and human resources.

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They should be knowledgeable in sales and marketing, food production and the english language, to include, the spelling and meaning of words, grammar and rules of composition.Their responsibilities would include planning, coordinating and directing any area of activity that would generate smoother operations for the beverage and food service industry or organization.

How to Become a Food Service Manager

A bachelor’s degree would certainly be preferred, but owning a postsecondary degree would be advantageous for an applicant. Considerable experience in the food industry would usually be expected, as well as, training through community college, technical school, vocational school or culinary school. On-the-job training is sometimes given. Occasionally, national or regional restaurant chains seek-out management trainees from the food service management programs or from college hospitality and try to recruit them.

Job Description of a Food Service Manager

A food service manager is entrusted with the efficient manner in which a restaurant, cafeteria or other food and beverage service is run on a daily basis. They develop and implement quality standards for optimal performance of staff and for customer service. They would oversee the methods used in food preparation, such as, portion size and presentation of food, so that, it is prepared and served in a professional manner.

He or she would look into any complaint or grievances in regards to any food service, accommodations or quality and resolve the problem to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. They guarantee that any fire or health regulations are followed, such as, building maintenance in hotels or dining facilities so that their employer remains in compliance with the required laws or codes.

He or she would be responsible for counting monies and making bank deposits, as well as, overseeing payroll records, budgets and transactions that need to be approved and/or budgeted. A food service manager monitors economic use of food and preparation of food in a timely manner by coordinating schedules of staff and cooking employees. They are careful to check food, beverage or product delivery for quantity and quality and schedule deliveries to be made on time. They maintain accurate inventory records for equipment and food.

He or she should be skilled at service orientation, coordination and management. They should have social perceptiveness to understand why people have certain reactions to situations and have the ability to communicate, both orally and in writing, so as, to be understood and to understand information given or being received. They should be able to make decisions and solve problems, among other abilities. A food service manager can be found working in restaurants, hotels, school cafeterias and other food service industries. They normally work very long hours, as much as, 50 hours per week.

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