Floral Designer

What does a Floral Designers do? A floral designer uses..

Floral Designer

What does a Floral Designers do?

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A floral designer uses their creativity and knowledge of flower design and arrangements to suit the needs and requests of the customer. They use their knowledge of flower variety to assemble dried or silk flowers in an attractive display according to size, color, and appeal.

A floral designer is most often referred to as a florist. They can usually be found working in flower shops, grocery stores, or in their own business location.

How to become a Floral Designer

It is normally acceptable for a floral designer to have a high school diploma, however programs in caring techniques and floral design are offered through community colleges, vocational schools, or private floral schools. Courses in advertising, plant and flower identification, floral design, and business are offered in these schools.

Many schools provide experience working in greenhouses as part of the curriculum. Upon completion of one of these schools, a diploma or certificate is usually given. An associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in floral design is offered in some community colleges or universities.

For a new floral designer, experience is most often gained on-the-job under an experienced florist. It is possible for one to indicate a higher level of expertise by obtaining the Certified Floral Designer credential offered by The American Institute of Floral Designers, which is voluntary.

In order to become certified, he or she must prove work experience or education and have a knowledge of floral design. It would also be advantageous for those aspiring to be self-employment, supervise others, or to become a chief floral designer to achieve formal training.

Job Description of a Floral Designer

The duties of a floral designer is to use their creative ability combined with their knowledge of flower varieties to provide attractive arrangements for a single order or larger events like funerals, weddings, and banquets.

Knowledge would be expected for the life extension of cut flowers, understanding their properties, delicacies, and toxic threat to animals. A floral designer either grows or orders flowers and greenery from wholesalers. He or she would process newly delivered flowers by stripping leaves that are below the water line and placing flowers in a cool display case to give flowers a longer life and freshness.

Floral designers also mix flower food solutions and maintain clean and sanitary work spaces. They educate the customer on care instructions for the flowers, such as room temperature and watering.

A floral designer often works with event planners and interior designers, as well as contracting with restaurants, hotels, or offices. They may supply daily, weekly, or monthly flower arrangements or greenery and would need to replace old arrangements with fresh, new ones.

A florist needs to provide great customer service and have organizational skills. He or she should have artistic and creative ability too.

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