Fitness Trainer

What does a Fitness Trainer do? A fitness trainer and..

Fitness Trainer

What does a Fitness Trainer do?

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A fitness trainer and instructor develops programs in strength training, stretching and exercise activities to motivate and train groups of peoples or a client with their physical fitness. They lead cardiovascular exercises and work with clients of all ages and levels of fitness and strive to improve the client’s physical health.

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A fitness trainer and instructor would be able to administer first aid, if necessary, and be able to treat chronic minor disabilities, wrap injuries and evaluate the need of further treatment by a physician. He or she uses the tools of balance boards and balance disks, exercise balls, fitness weights and other equipment in the job. They use technology, such as, accounting software, medical software and other technology to assist them in their career.

How to Become a Fitness Trainer

An associate’s degree in exercise science, physical education and kinesiology is advantageous for an applicant. A high school diploma is required. Some employer’s may ask for a certification. Previous experience in a work-related field is usually expected. On-the-job training may be given with an experienced supervisor. Vocational training would be helpful in obtaining employment in this career field.

Job Description of a Fitness Trainer

A fitness trainer and instructor would have the duties of encouraging and coaching groups or person’s in physical fitness through training techniques and skills according to the particular abilities of the client or group. They asses their client or group’s form and techniques, physical ability and condition and develop a program that best targets their needs and makes any adjustments that may be required to build on their physical improvement.

They teach their client’s how to breathe properly during exercise and explain how to remain safe and free of injury by following and enforcing safety rules and regulations during any activity, such as, sports, recreational activities or using exercise equipment. He or she suggests ways to further improve and maintain good health by providing information on nutrition, lifestyle and weight control.

They have the knowledge of education and training, psychology, customer and personal service and the english language in it’s content and structure. They should be skilled in instructing, speaking clearly, listening attentively and learning strategies. They should have social perceptiveness, coordination skills and other abilities.

A fitness trainer and instructor would require stamina, dynamic strength and be able to have the flexibility to bend, twist, reach or stretch in order to properly carry out their duties in this occupation. A fitness trainer and instructor can be found working in several different places, such as, gyms, health clubs, fitness and recreational centers, hospitals and the personal home of a client.

They can be seen working at universities, resorts and pilates and yoga studios. Because of health awareness and the recognized benefits of physical fitness by insurance companies and employers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13 percent growth in 2012-2022 for this career field.

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