Financial Advisor

What does a Financial Advisor do? A personal financial advisor..

Financial Advisor

What does a Financial Advisor do?

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A personal financial advisor is trusted with the planning of a client’s financial goals both short and long term. This may include retirement, education, and insurance plans that affect their clients financial future.

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A personal financial advisor would be responsible to give advice and help with taxes and insurance decisions and also the managing and investments of ones finances depending on the need of the client.The primary goal is to provide advice for financial security

How to become a Financial Advisor

In order to be a certified personal financial advisor, a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, accounting, business math, or law is required. A master’s in business administration degree and certification would certainly improve advancement opportunity.

Taking courses in investment and risk management is highly recommended along with courses in taxes and estate planning. These classes will test your knowledge in finance.

Job Description of a Financial Advisor

A personal financial advisor is an important consultant to clients as they advise and assist with a variety of updated and relevant information that is necessary for the planning of ones financial goals. These may include investments, taxes and/or insurance advice. As a client’s life may change so may a financial adjustment be needed. Examples of this may be a spousal’s death, marriage or divorce or perhaps a disability, thereby, a personal financial advisor could assist a client in these financial areas.

A personal financial advisor could assist with the planning of college preparations for themselves or their children. Although most personal financial advisors work in offices one quarter of them are self-employed having in common time spent attending conferences and attending or giving seminars in order to network and market themselves to meet and gain as many clients as possible to assist them in their financial goals.

Long hours are the standard in this profession, but this occupation is projected to experience faster job growth through 2024 than the average for all occupations.

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