Fashion Designer

What does a Fashion Designer do? Fashion designers are individuals..

Fashion Designer

What does a Fashion Designer do?

fashion designer

Fashion designers are individuals that design garments, accessories, or shoes for consumers and retail companies. They determine materials, specifications, and draw sketches on how the items should look like.

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They decide on fabrics, colors, styles and any accessories needed to put the design together. They visit manufactures and trade shows to obtain samples of fabrics and follow trend reports that are published by fashion industry trade groups. They sometimes pull a creative design idea from their environment, travel, cultures or other inspirational ways.

How to become a Fashion Designer

A fashion designer usually has obtained a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and/or fashion design with programs teaching textiles, fabrics and computer-aided design technology (CAD) while building their own portfolios for future job opportunities.

Job Description of a Fashion Designer

A fashion designer follows fashion trends that helps them to determine a design that would attract customers. Once a theme is decided upon, they create sketches of an original idea for clothing, footwear or accessories aided by a computer design program (CAD).

In many cases a team collectively works on a prototype design and use models to determine how the design will look. After the samples of the design are approved the creation is then manufactured and sold to consumers. The design creation usually involves about 6 months of planning and designing until the project is completed.

Some designers prefer to specialize in a certain area, such as, clothing, costume, footwear or accessory design. Some start their own design company or sell designs to retail stores. They are also employed by high-fashion houses that offer personalized design services to clients. The Bureau of Labor Statistics project a 3 percent growth in 2014-2024 in this career field.

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