A dentist provides care for a patient's teeth, gums, and..


What does a Dentist do?

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A dentist provides care for a patient’s teeth, gums, and oral health. They provide a number of services. Dentists repair fractured teeth, fill cavities, remove tooth decay, straighten teeth, place sealants, whiten patient’s teeth, and educate on proper oral hygiene.

They also must diagnose what is going on with a patient’s mouth so they read X-rays as well and look for potential jaw problems, gum disease, or cavities. If a patient requires more extensive treatment that would be painful, a dentist would administer anesthetics.

How to Become a Dentist

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A dentist must earn a doctorate degree and be licensed to practice. You must graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree before entering a dental doctoral program. Students must take an entrance exam called the Dental Admission Exam prior to acceptance. There are three types of doctoral degrees one can earn; Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM), and Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD)

Job Description of a Dentist

A dentist uses different equipment and technologies to do their job, such as laser and digital scanners, X-ray machines, probes, drills, and other tools. They may also oversee others in the dental office such as internals, dental assistants, and dental hygienists. Some dentists prefer to specialize in other areas of dentistry such as oral pathology, orthodontics, or pediatrics.

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