Database Administrator

What does a Database Administrator do? A database administrator keeps..

Database Administrator

What does a Database Administrator do?

database administrator

A database administrator keeps a company’s data secure from access to unauthorized people, such as, the financial records, customer information or customer shipping records, while making access available to those authorized.

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They organize and store data in specialized software and code, tabulate, and verify information. They also search for any potential problems in the computer system of the company and keeping it safe from any potential security damages.

How to become a Database Administrator

A security database administrator would need a bachelor’s degree in information sciences or computer-related subjects. A person usually needs lengthly experience in work-related areas and/or vocational school as well as on-the-job training to be considered a qualified applicant.

Job Description of a Database Administrator

A database administrator would analyze data by interacting with computer software and hardware to process information, write software, enter data, or set up necessary functions. They would break down information into separate parts and then identify the reasons, underlying principles or facts as part of the analyzation process.

They would be expected to find appropriate solutions to problems after evaluating the results of their findings. They process information by verifying data or coding, tabulating, compiling, and/or categorizing data.

A database administrator (DBA) would maintain and document information entering necessary data in magnetic, written or electronic form. They would maintain current technology and always implement new knowledge to their work.

Communication with co-workers, supervisors, and/or management would be part of the job by providing relevant and expert advice to these or other groups on systems, processing or technical subjects. Therefore, communication skills would be considered valuable in this job.

A (DBA) database administrator would need to speak clearly and have any necessary information or updates understood by those listening. A skill-set with deductive reasoning by finding valid answers to specific problems or knowledge of ordering information by arranging data into specific rules, such as, patterns of pictures, words, letters or numbers would be needed as well.

A database administrator would carry complex solving skills, such as, correctly evaluating, solving and implementing solutions to a problem. They would also protect information of the company from any unauthorized persons by taking measures to implement changes to any vulnerable areas of their systems by always testing programs and correcting any necessary issues or weaknesses.

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