What does a Counselor do? A counselor helps individuals, couples,..


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What does a Counselor do?

A counselor helps individuals, couples, and/or families overcome problems such as emotional disorders, mental disorders, or relationship issues. They help people understand their problems and go forward with needed counseling for improvement and healing.

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How to Become a Counselor

Counselors must obtain a minimum of a bachelors degree or master’s degree in counseling or social work. Some states require you to take a licensure exam, however requirements may vary from state to state, but there is generally a minimum of hours you must complete that under the supervision by a licensed practitioner or complete an internship. This is very similar to a therapist, but usually requires less hours and is less rigorous, therefore, may allow you to work with a bachelors degree unlicensed in some settings. Courses usually include social sciences, psychology and developmental studies.

Job Description of a Counselor

Counselors assist client to identify their problems and deal with their behaviors or feelings. They develop techniques such as interviewing, observation, discussion, and testing to gather important information about an individual, couple, or family. A treatment program is developed and applied to treat destructive behavior patterns, family relationship problems, and personal issues. A counselor will follow their client’s progress to determine the effectiveness and results of their sessions.

Counselors can work in a variety of settings to include but not limited to schools, vocational settings, religious organizations, or even summer camps. In all of these settings the counselors primary goal is to guide, facilitate, and assist individuals in discussing and coping with emotions and experience that evoke positive or negative reactions.

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