What does a Cosmetologist do? A cosmetologist has the training..


What does a Cosmetologist do?


A cosmetologist has the training and skills to treat and style hair. This includes cutting, color, or hair extensions. Most specialize in skin and hair beauty care; therefore they may do pedicures or manicures and apply make-up to a client. Some treat scalps and perform facials in addition to hair styling.

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The primary goal is to appease their clients in a particular look or for special occasions such as weddings and proms. This occupation requires standing for long periods of time. Many only work part-time and half are self-employed.

How to become a Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist must go to an accredited cosmetologist school and be licensed in the state that they practice. It is recommended that one consider several different cosmetology schools before making a final decision on one as they may vary greatly.

Job Description of a Cosmetologist

Cosmetologist should be educated and skilled in esthetics (some states require a license to do esthetics), which focuses specifically on skin care, such as, wraps, facials or unwanted hair removal, for example.

He or she may choose to specialize in any of these areas of cosmetology, but any one of these fields carry the requirement of maintaining a sanitary saloon that is clean, safe and free of any blood borne pathogens that may be passed on from one person to another, including the cosmetologist, such as, from a cut from a scissors.

They are professional beauty consultants that communicate well and are creative in styling hair, nails or qualified in recommending products. A cosmetologist earns a salary depending on location, for example, a city would pay more than a rural area. The more experience you have as an applicant the greater the opportunity for employment.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth of 13 percent in 2012-2022 for this career field.

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