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Computer Science Degree (Bachelor's Degree)

According to the the non-profit National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Computer Science is listed as being one of the top-paid bachelor degrees you could choose. According to a salary survey NACE conducted in April 2014, computer science bachelor's degree graduates may earn an average salary of $67,300 a year.

Along with attending a campus, there are computer science degree programs online.

Projected Career Outlook

The employment outlook for those with a computer science degree is good. Most occupations favoring a bachelor's degree in computer science are growing as fast as the national average or higher.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, listed are salaries and career growth information of some careers you may consider with a computer science degree.

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  • Information Security Analyst | 37% Growth Rate | $86,170/year
  • Software Developer | 22% Growth Rate | $93,350/year
  • Web Developer | 20% Growth Rate | $62,500/year
  • Computer Network Architect | 15% Growth Rate | $91,000/year
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator | 12% Growth Rate | $72,560/year
  • Computer Programmer | 8% Growth Rate | $74,280/year

*The salaries above are median salaries.

You can also continue your education and earn a master's degree and work your way to earn a Ph.D. in computer science. Many programs are online, so continuing your education in computer science can be more flexible and accessible than other degree programs.

Don't Wait until College

You can start learning to program at any age! Learning to program is free and you allows you the opportunity to create and be innovative. for instance, allows you to learn to code for free. Khan Academy also provides free tutorial videos for those wanting to learn to code.