Clinical Lab Technician

Clinical laboratory technicians are also called medical laboratory technicians. They..

Clinical Lab Technician

What does a Clinical Lab Technician do?

Median Pay $38,950
Growth Rate 16%
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Clinical laboratory technicians are also called medical laboratory technicians. They work in labs, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals, and non-clinical labs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 about half of all clinical laboratory technicians worked in hospitals. In many facilities, a clinical laboratory technician may also interact with patients.

How to Become a Clinical Lab Technician

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To become a clinical laboratory technician you would need an associate’s degree or to attend a certification programs. If you are looking for a educational program, do not get this confused with a medical laboratory technologist (the key word being technologist). A technologist would generally have attained a bachelor’s degree. However, a clinical laboratory technician can opt for an associate’s degree or certificate program from an accredited program. You can start as a clinical laboratory technician and advance to be a technologist.

Job Description of a Clinical Lab Technician

A clinical laboratory technician would conduct chemical tests, blood tests, microscopic diagnoses, immunologic tests, as well as hematological and bacteriological analyses. Testing of blood, stool, urine, sputum, peritoneal fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, pericardial fluid, and synovial fluid (among others) is also done by a clinical laboratory technician.

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