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  • advertising sales

    Advertising Sales Agent

    Advertising sales agents sell advertising to businesses by making sales presentations, contacting clients, and maintaining customer accounts. They work in a variety of industries such as internet publishing, radio, television, and advertising agencies. Advertising sales agents must meet sales quotas and may spend much of their time traveling to visit prospective clients to make sure […]

  • editor


    Editors plan, revise, and coordinate material for publication in newspapers, magazines, books, or websites. They review story ideas and determine what material are most likely to please readers and offer suggestions to improve the product and suggest headlines and titles. Most editors work in offices. However, it is becoming more common for editors to work […]

  • fundraiser


    A fundraiser will raise money for an organization or cause by organizing campaigns and events. They oversee and plan these campaigns and increase awareness for an organization’s cause. Fundraisers typically work for nonprofit organizations with causes that range from education, health care research, social services, and political campaigns. How to Become a Fundraiser Fundraisers would […]

  • interpreter

    Interpreter or Translator

    An interpreter and translator provides information and content from one language to another language. An interpreter can speak and use sign language and a translator would provide the written translation. The most sought after languages are Spanish, Middle Eastern, German, French, Russian and Portuguese. However, many require you to be completely fluent in the English […]

  • librarian


    A librarian assists people search for information. They also do research for both professional and personal use. Their duties may depend on the type of library they are employed with. A librarian may work in universities, local government, or for companies. How to Become a Librarian A librarian typically needs a master’s degree in library […]

  • librarian technician

    Library Technician

    Library technicians work under the supervision of a librarian and assist with various duties needed to run a library such as helping shelve and organize materials and do administrative and clerical tasks. They also help people find the books and reference material they are looking for. They may be employed by university libraries, companies, schools, […]

  • marketing manager

    Marketing Manager

    What does a Marketing Manager do? Advertising and Marketing managers develop programs to generate the interest of the service or product by interacting with sales engineers, financial staff, and art directors. Advertising and marketing professionals would examine any plans or sketches that are to used in the program strategy and make any changes or additions […]

  • reporter


    What does a Reporter do? Reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts inform the local, national, and international public about events or news that is currently happening. They report the news or events for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and websites. They perform their jobs mostly in the field gathering information by conducting interviews and investigating stories. […]

  • sales engineer

    Sales Engineer

    Sales engineers specialize in technologically and scientifically advanced products and sell these products or services to businesses. They must have extensive knowledge of the parts and products they sell. Sales engineers may have extensive travel and may work additional hours to meet client needs or sales goals. How to Become a Sales Engineer A bachelor’s […]

  • technical writer

    Technical Writer

    A technical writer is responsible for creating content for journal articles, technical and instructional manuals, training guides, and assessments. They organize content into a document that can be easily understood. They often interact with other technical writers or subject matter experts to ensure accuracy of information. Technical writers gather and help develop technical information for […]

  • writer author


    You may think of someone who writes novels when thinking of people who write for a profession. However there are many ways to make a living as a writer. A writer may write content for blogs, websites, post articles online, journals, or even write scripts for movies. Writers do extensive research to provide authentic details […]