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  • accountant


    Accountants and auditors have a very important place in the business industry. They examine and analyze companies, corporations, and businesses’ financial records for accuracy as well as oversee that taxes are paid to date and on time. How to Become an Accountant Accountants must earn a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting or a related field. […]

  • actor working


    Actors interpret and portray a character from a writer’s script to entertain an audience in television, film, theater, and other performing art venues. They work in several areas such as: theme parks, production studios, theaters, or at a specific filming location. Most actors have other employment in addition to acting consequently acting jobs can be […]

  • actuary


    What does an Actuary do? An actuary analyzes companies risk of financial costs and test the probability of an event that may affect an organizations financial security. They play a key role in the insurance industry and other businesses by reducing potential risk and instability. Actuaries use statistics, math, and financial theory to predict these […]

  • administrative services manager

    Administrative Services Manager

    Administration service managers typically supervise activities and maintain the facilities of an organization to include office upkeep, record keeping, distributing supplies, and mail distribution that allow organizations to operate efficiently. Administration service managers plan, direct, and coordinate supportive services of the organization. Most administration service managers work full time with much of that time spend […]

  • advertising sales

    Advertising Sales Agent

    Advertising sales agents sell advertising to businesses by making sales presentations, contacting clients, and maintaining customer accounts. They work in a variety of industries such as internet publishing, radio, television, and advertising agencies. Advertising sales agents must meet sales quotas and may spend much of their time traveling to visit prospective clients to make sure […]

  • aerospace engineer

    Aerospace Engineer

    Aerospace Engineers design and test missiles, aircraft, satellites, and spacecraft . They also create propulsion systems and evaluate the aerodynamic performance of aircrafts and assure all blueprints, prototypes, and products meet required engineering standards, environmental issues, and customer requirements. How to Become an Aerospace Engineer Students in high school interested in this career field should […]

  • aerospace engineer technician

    Aerospace Engineer Technician

    An aerospace engineer technician tests spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft to ensure they meet compliance requirements. The importance of reliable parts and equipment is critical. They frequently use simulation tools along with computer-based modeling and processes to maintain and operate equipment. He or she typically is employed in laboratories, manufacturing, offices, or industrial plants. How to […]

  • agricultural engineer

    Agricultural Engineer

    An agricultural engineer’s primary goal is to improve and resolve agriculture problems. They look at pollution and environmental issues, machine efficiency, agricultural processing, and the storage of agricultural products. They are often present at farms to monitor installations of new systems and note crop outcomes and growth locations. How to Become an Agricultural Engineer An […]

  • agricultural manager

    Agricultural Manager

    An agricultural manager works very closely with farmers. Their primary duty is to coordinate crop production for corporations, cooperatives, or other owners. They manage and evaluate agricultural factors such as disease, market conditions, soil conditions, weather, production needs, and sometimes even federal programs that are available. How to Become an Agricultural Manager Agricultural managers usually […]

  • air traffic controller

    Air Traffic Controller

    An air traffic controller works from control towers, approach control facilities, or route centers to give aircraft clearances to take off or land safely. They coordinate air traffic patterns to assure that aircrafts are safe distances apart. They have the responsibility of keeping aircrafts, flight crews, and airline passengers safe therefore are authorized to change […]

  • aircraft maintenance technician

    Aircraft Maintenance Technician

    An aircraft maintenance technician keeps aircrafts in optimal operating condition by performing scheduled maintenance or repairs as dictated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and guidelines. They examine and replace necessary parts, identify problems, and follow maintenance manuals procedures to include but not limited to brakes, motors, wings and electrical systems. How to Become an […]

  • animal care worker with dogs

    Animal Care Worker

    Animal care workers provide care for animals at veterinary clinics, zoos, kennels, pet stores, stables, or animal shelters (just to name a few). They may bath, groom, feed, and exercise animals. Some specialize in an area of interest such as marine mammals, horses, reptiles, or even behavioral training. How to Become an Animal Care Worker […]

  • anthropologist


    An anthropologist is interested in the origins, cultures, customs, and connections humans have with one another. They study these areas by researching, collecting, and evaluating information of humankind. How to Become an Anthropologist Most anthropologists pursue a degree in anthropology or social sciences. You must first earn a bachelor’s degree and then move on to […]

  • appraiser


    An appraiser determines the value of property, such as automobile, real estate, or personal claims. They are usually called when one reports damage, injury, or decreased coverage or when buying or selling merchandise or property. The appraisal industry is very diverse because those entering this career field can specialize in a variety of areas. The […]

  • archeologist


    What does an Archeologist do? An archeologist studies civilization’s past by studying the physical remains of artifacts left by that civilization to understand their culture. Archeology is actually a subfield of anthropology, as anthropology is a broad study of all human culture. Archeologists want to understand why people lived where they lived, what life might […]

  • architect


    Architects design large and small structures such as office buildings, businesses, stadiums, schools, malls, and homes. They might also design outdoor spaces. An architect will collect all information for a project to include site selection, environmental impact, zoning laws, building codes, and access to buildings for the disabled. They visit site locations to visualize their […]

  • artist


    Artists that make a living from their art may create pieces for exhibitions, art galleries, or online stores. There are many fields that artists also work in, such as graphic design, fashion design, illustration, advertising, and stage design. Because of this, many artists work with a variety of mediums and some of them may use […]

  • assembly and fabrication worker

    Assembler and Fabricator

    Assemblers and fabricators work assemble finished products that go into manufactured products. They also perform quality checks for mistakes or faulty components in the assembly process. The majority of assemblers and fabricators work in manufacturing plants which may require long periods of time sitting or standing. How to Become an Assembler and Fabricator The type […]

  • astronomer


    An astronomer is a scientist who studies the universe. They focus on the stars, planets, moons, celestial objects, and other galaxies. Some of their studies are observational and they may come up with theories to support their observations. Astronomers can specialize in planetary astronomy, galactic astronomy, or physical cosmology and their primary work is done […]

  • audiologist working


    An audiologist is a health care professional who specializes in hearing problems and subsequent balancing problems in kids and adults. Audiology is a branch of science that deals with hearing and all related problems, conditions, or disorders. They are particularly trained to manage kids where hearing problems are often first diagnosed. How to Become an […]

  • Auto Body and Glass Repairer working

    Auto Body Repairer

    Auto body and glass repairers restore, refinish, and replace vehicle bodies, frames, window glass, and windshields. They inspect car frames for structural damage and assess reparability on damaged parts such as windshields, doors, tires, or body. They primarily work indoors in auto shops or garages and work can be physically demanding. How to Become an […]

  • auto mechanics working

    Auto Mechanic

    An auto mechanic performs maintenance, diagnostic testing, repairs, and inspections of small trucks and cars. They work on engines, drive belts, transmissions, and electronic systems such as steering, brakes, and accident-avoidance systems. Due to a common trend and popularity of alternative energy, some mechanics are beginning to work on vehicles with alternative fuels like electricity […]

  • baker


    Bakers prepare doughs, batters, icings or fillings by using scales or graduated containers to weigh or measure ingredients. They produce pie crusts, cookies, breads and other types of doughs. They do this through kneading, cutting, or rolling dough into specific shapes and sizes. They may bake and decorate their end product. For instance, some bakers […]

  • biochemist


    A biochemist will collect, analyze, and interpret results on various topics. Primarily though, a biochemist studies the chemistry of living processes at molecular and cellular levels such as cell development, reproduction, death, and even metabolism. Biochemists study the chemical and physical properties of cells by using electron microscopes. How to Become a Biochemist To become […]

  • biomedical engineer

    Biomedical Engineer

    A biomedical engineer enhances the quality and effectiveness of patient care by designing and analyzing solutions to problems in medicine and biology. You must have knowledge in the evaluation, design, and development of biological and health systems or products. Watch a Video: How to Become a Biomedical Engineer An employer usually looks for a bachelor’s […]

  • biophysicist


    A biophysicist is a scientist who uses physics to study biological systems using an interdisciplinary approach. Studies from molecules to organisms are conducted, analyzed, and interpreted for scientific evidence in proving or providing information for the greater good of medicine or science. How to Become a Biophysicist To become a biophysicist you must earn a […]

  • budget analyst

    Budget Analyst

    A Budget analyst organizes the finances of private and public institutions by monitoring spending and preparing budget reports. They analyze data to determine benefits and costs of recommended funding levels and other programs. Budget analyst then provide this information to top executives and elected officials of these institutions. These recommendations help to determine needs and […]

  • buyer purchasing agent

    Buyer and Purchasing Agent

    Buyer and purchasing agents evaluate supplies, review quality of products, and negotiate contracts. These findings are used to buy products and services for an organization or institution to use or resell. Buyers and purchasing agents attend trade shows, conferences, and meetings to remain current on new industry trends and make contacts with suppliers. Buyer and […]

  • cardiovascular technologist working

    Cardiovascular Technologist

    A cardiovascular technologist (also known as a vascular technologist) is a health professional who diagnoses cardiovascular problems. They use medical imaging methods like ultrasounds to diagnose heart conditions, vascular problems, or ailments that involves the heart, it’s arteries, valves, or blood vessels. Watch a Video: How to Become a Cardiovascular Technologist A cardiovascular technologist has […]

  • career advisor

    Career Advisor

    Career advisors train, guide, and promote skills to help individuals gain employment, change careers, advance in their careers, or find career options that match their client’s aptitude or skills. In addition they may discuss job openings and define realistic employment goals for individuals. They also teach career and employment skills that guide individuals using their […]

  • carpenter working


    A career in carpentry can be very versatile that includes many different work settings and a variety of tasks. A carpenter constructs and repairs building structures and frameworks. Carpenters also install cabinetry for kitchens bathrooms as well as install drywall and siding. They may also do custom work for clients or businesses A carpenter can […]

  • cartographer

    Cartographer and Photogrammetrist

    A cartographer and photogrammetrist interprets, collects, and measures geographic data. They create user-friendly maps and update charts and maps for education and regional planning. Photogrammetrist’s specialize in using satellite images, aerial photographs, light imaging detection, and ranging technology to build models of the Earth’s surface and it’s features in order to create maps. How to […]

  • cna working

    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) provide care to the chronically ill, disabled, and elderly with activities of daily living. They assist patients with eating and can take vital signs like blood pressure or temperature. This care can sometimes be 24 hours around the clock and last months or years pending on the patient’s stay or needs. […]

  • chef


    A chef oversee the the kitchen to include the menu planning, pricing, food preparation, supplies, quality of service, safety, and staff. They ensure the meals are cooked and seasoned properly and that they are pleasing to the eye. Pay varies greatly depending on the location and nicer or more upscale restaurants generally pay the most. […]

  • chemical engineer working in lab

    Chemical Engineer

    A chemical engineer knows how to optimize an entire system that involves the use of chemicals, drugs, foods, or many other products. A chemical engineer will do this by using physics, math, chemistry, and biology to solve any issues with the product. This career tests and plans ways of manufacturing products and supervise production. They […]

  • chemist working in a lab


    A chemist tests ways to make existing products better and develops new products. For example, household cleaners, pharmaceutical drugs, plastics, and several other products may be improved by a chemist. Chemists analyze and test substances to find out their composition and concentration of elements. They may also write technical reports that would detail methods and […]

  • chiropractor working


    A chiropractor treats patients that suffer from neuromusculoskeletal problems that involve the tendons, muscles, nerves, bones, and ligaments. For example, a patient may need spinal adjustments and manipulation or other manual techniques to help the patient with neck or back discomfort. How to Become a Chiropractor Chiropractors earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (D.C.) and […]

  • choreographer


    A choreographer creates dances that are original and develop different interpretations of existing dances. They are creative in the design and techniques used and often are directing dancers and performers in their everyday occupation. They invent, direct, and teach routines for various performances or auditions. How to Become a Choreographer Choreographers typically begin their career […]

  • civil engineer

    Civil Engineer

    A civil engineer supervises and designs substantial construction projects. They maintain, construct, and operate these construction projects. These projects could be include airports, buildings, bridges, sewage treatment, or systems for water supply. How to Become a Civil Engineer Civil engineers need a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering technology or civil engineering. In order to elevate […]

  • claims adjuster and appraiser

    Claims Adjuster

    Claims Adjuster inspect the damage to the property to include automobile, home, or business dwellings to determine how much financial obligation the insurance company has for the findings of damage. They are usually employed by insurance companies and are required to travel inspecting damaged property, automobiles or buildings, and conducting surveillance for the insurance company […]

  • clinical lab technician working

    Clinical Lab Technician

    Clinical laboratory technicians are also called medical laboratory technicians. They work in labs, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals, and non-clinical labs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 about half of all clinical laboratory technicians worked in hospitals. In many facilities, a clinical laboratory technician may also interact with patients. How to Become a […]

  • coach working


    A coach instructs people on the skills of a sport and they can coach an amateur or professional team or athlete. They improve a teams performance and an athletes skill by developing practice drills and conditioning sessions. Coaches are also involved in the recruitment and scouting of potential new talent. How to Become a Coach […]

  • social work media manager

    Community Service Manager

    A community service manager will coordinate and supervise social service programs and community organizations. These managers implement and suggest improvements to social services and programs and manage staff who provide social services to the community. Sometimes called social services managers, they work with community members and other organizations constantly to help identify necessary community programs and […]

  • compensation analyst specialist

    Compensation Analyst Specialist

    A compensation analyst specialist (also known as a benefits or job analysis specialist) will examines job descriptions to determine salaries and classifications for job positions. They also ensure an organization’s compensation and benefits package is cost effective, competitive, and current. How to Become a Compensation Analyst Specialist Compensation, benefits, and job analyst specialists typically require […]

  • compensation benefits manager

    Compensation Benefits Manager

    Compensation benefits managers plan, develop, and oversee programs to determine how an organization pays their employees and how much the employees are paid. Benefit managers plan direct and coordinate benefits that an organization offers its employees, like health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits. Compensation benefits managers make sure that pay and benefits plans comply […]

  • computer engineers working

    Computer Engineer

    A computer engineer tests computer components and systems by developing and designing memory devices, processors, circuit boards, and networks. They make computers more mobile or incorporate computers in other areas, such as machines or building materials. They solve issues that occur in computer hardware and aid in the advancement of computer technology. How to Become […]

  • Computer Installation and Repair Technician Working

    Computer Installation Tech

    A computer installation and repair technician fixes problems related to the software and hardware components of computers. They may work on a variety of computers and mobile devices as well such as laptops, printers, tablets, and desktop computers. Because of the wide number of technology problems and devices, technicians must be excellent problem solvers and […]

  • computer programmer working

    Computer Programmer

    A computer programer codes instructions for a computer to follow. They create software programs by writing code and test the programs to be sure they are free of error and working optimally. They also correct bugs in the code when necessary. Watch a Video: How to Become a Computer Programmer A computer programer usually needs […]

  • computer research scientist

    Computer Research Scientist

    Computer and information research scientists find new approaches to computing technology as well as studying and solving complex problems in computing for business, science, and other fields. They create and improve computer hardware and software and work at a more theoretical level than other computer professionals. Some computer and information research scientists specialize in computer […]

  • computer support specialist

    Computer Support Specialist

    A computer support specialist provides technical support for a company, organization’s customers, or their employer’s staff. They use computer software and equipment to assist them in providing advice and help to their employer and their employee’s. They carry a variety of titles such as technical support specialist, information technology specialist (IT specialists), computer technician, and […]