Aircraft Maintenance Technician

An aircraft maintenance technician keeps aircrafts in optimal operating condition..

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

What does a Aircraft Maintenance Technician do?

Median Pay $60,270
Growth Rate 1%
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An aircraft maintenance technician keeps aircrafts in optimal operating condition by performing scheduled maintenance or repairs as dictated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and guidelines. They examine and replace necessary parts, identify problems, and follow maintenance manuals procedures to include but not limited to brakes, motors, wings and electrical systems.

How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician

aircraft maintenance technician

In order to become a aircraft maintenance technician most applicants attend a Part 147 FAA-approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School. This program will help you gain the skills sought after by employers and required by the FAA. Though not required, you are also eligible to sit for several FAA exams to become certified. These exams increase your employment opportunities and may give you some leverage when applying for a position and during salary negotiations. Some people enter this career field directly after military service.

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Job Description of an Aircraft Maintenance and Technician

Aircraft maintenance technicians use diagnostic equipment and gauges to test aircraft parts while keeping careful records of any work done. He or she inspects machinery to ensure it functions correctly. Aircraft maintenance technicians generally work on general aircrafts, piston-driven airplanes, helicopters or jets.

Some technicians choose to specialize in a particular area like hydraulics, engines, or other areas of interest. They must be physically fit, be able to balance, reach, and lift heavy objects. They handle dangerous chemicals and operate large power tools. They often work on ladders or scaffolds and endure loud noise or vibrations. The risk of injury and illness is high for this occupation compared to other types of jobs.

Aircraft maintenance technicians can be found working for private companies, airports, or the federal government. They work in hangers, repair stations, or airfields unless employed by the military, in which case they work may work at military installations or remote sites. A aircraft maintenance technician usually works full-time in 8 hour shifts. Overtime and weekends are required at times.

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