Accessible Free Career Test for High School, Middle, & College Students (Kids, Teens, Adults)

Accessible Free Career Test

Keyboard Navigation

This career test can be navigated with a keyboard for students with limited mobility or students using screen readers. To navigate the test with a keyboard, tab through the career test questions. When you reach a question, the first radio button will focus. Hold down Alt and press the down or up arrows to select the radio button you want. Once selected, press tab to advance to the next question.


This test does require javascript to be enabled on a computer. However, visual users will see an alert stating "Javascript is not enabled on your computer. You must enable javascript to take the test." if their javascript is not enabled. Users with screen readers will hear the same message. The message contains a helpful link instructing users how to turn on their javascript.

Continual Improvement

Please contact at with accessibility feedback or improvement recommendations.